The Rapport is pleased to announce its upcoming merge with Canada’s newest artist backed not-for-profit, Heavyweight Productions.

Heavyweight Productions is a much needed organization in a community that flourishes with talent, yet lacks a cohesive force that unites those of us with similar passions.  We are excited to promote and produce performances of the highest quality while advocating for classical music and expanding it’s accessibility through community outreach and education.  Heavyweight Productions aims to be a unifying force in the Ottawa opera community serving as a politically neutral entity open to developing and supporting other individuals and companies in the capital area.  
We envision a community where artists work together to support each other while each maintaining their own unique performance styles.  Our goals include bridging the gap between small companies and offering them access to a much broader audience and quality funding.  We aim to offer competitive reimbursement through grants and donations to help musicians of all classical flavours feel valued and respected in the work that they do, while exposing them to quality opportunities at a local level.
Stay tuned for our upcoming launch.  We are excited to be part of a community so rich in talent.  For now we can continue to be reached at rapportottawa@outlook.com.